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Hey guys, so has a new section and that’s the Print category. I’ve got ONE METRIC BUTT-TON of art that I haven’t posted so I’m slowly going to be building up this print library as I work on updating all my galleries. Prepare for a flash flood, dudes.


One Print: $20
Two Prints: $35
Four Prints + Free Shipping: $50


You can choose to have your prints shipped for a small shipping charge or request your items be available for pickup. I’ll keep this form updated with my upcoming shows. I’ll also send out reminder emails for anyone who wishes to pick up their order at a con!

I’ve heard some stories from people about where they put their prints and why and it’s always fun to hear. I’d really love some photos and stories! You can send your photos by contacting me.

Discounts for Subscribers of Twitch and Patreon

Huzzah! I’ve added two tiers of discounts to Patreon. $5+ Patrons now get 10% off one print order per month and $10+ get 10% off ANY number of print orders per month!

Here are some links if you’d like to subscribe!
10% discount on all print orders for all $5+ patrons on my Patreon page AND a 10% discount for all Twitch Subscribers as well.


Just so I don’t shock anyone, let it be known that I am currently working on a new display. I’m getting old and creaky and I’ve come to the decision that lugging around big heavy things isn’t so great for me. Prepare to see my new display, coming soon! I’ll be focusing on a speedy setup and tear down. I actually have quite the design in mind and I have half a mind to write a blog post about that itself… I’ll be making progress throughout the week. MFM is just around the corner and it’s a flight across the country on Frontier, and they only allow you one personal item. I would complain about the nickel-and-diming, but I get it. Instead of one price, you just buy what you want instead. It’s still cheaper.

I’ll be located at table 56/57 in the Dealer’s Den at MFM!

2017 MFM Dealers Map
2017 MFM Dealers Map

My flight out that way is extended so I’ll be doing some sight-seeing while I’m in town! I plan on hitting up Graceland as well as the National Civil Rights Museum. I don’t usually get to explore the places I travel to very much… I’d like to change that! It seems absurd not to! XD

See you guys in Memphis!!

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