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Dia De Los Lobos

Dia De Los Lobos - Final
Dia De Los Lobos – Final

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This piece started out as a random, 15 minute sketch during one of my Tuesday Sketch Streams. I really liked it and had been talking about a hankering for creating a Dia De Los Muertos themed piece for a while. I had created one just for funsies during a previous stream, as requested by TL.

TL Sketch Request from Aug 8, 2017 - Subscribe on Twitch to join in and get one!
TL Sketch Request from Aug 8, 2017 – Subscribe on Twitch to join in and get one!

I wanted to revisit the idea in my own time. During one of the following streams, I doodled this up and decided this would be my base piece.

I also decided to make this an excersize in speedpainting, however after a certain point I got so caught up in it that the time didn’t matter to me so much. Some people may also recognize this as the piece I used for my Automatic WIP Script/Action tutorial for Photoshop.

I researched some Dia De Los Muertos themed cultural artwork and photos from festivals (i.e. googled it) and the diversity was both mesmerizing and intimidating. I was having trouble pin pointing the specifics design-wise, but I knew I’d get the hang of it if I pushed through so that’s just what I did.

I created each flower individually. I prepared 4 different designs and made various colorings on each. Each flower had 4 versions which I individually placed and scattered across the background.

I like playing with color so this piece was a really fun one to whip out for fun! TL even decided it would be a commission once I was done. ^^ I will be creating an Amaterasu-themed version of this later on and it will be added to this post when it is complete.

I offer this design on apparel over at FandomFashions.com so be sure to take a peek!

Dia De Los Lobos Graphic Tee
Dia De Los Lobos Graphic Tee
Dia De Los Lobos Full Print Tee
Dia De Los Lobos Full Print Tee

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Misc. Updates

I’m moving next week so things are a bit messy now. I have a hard time focusing in mess, ugh! Just ugh! It’s been good though because due to the move, it’s forced me to really re-evaluate my priorities for myself and I’m finding myself getting rid of A LOT of stuff. How did I ever accumulate so much junk!? I blame capitalism. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

If you’re in the market for random supplies from an ex-fursuit maker, take a look at my Garage Sale post to score some deals. I plan on keeping this page as a general sales page for misc supplies and such so bookmark it and check it out again later to see new stuff!

Due to this transitioning period, I’m putting the brakes on my stream for a short period while I handle everything I need to take care of. I’d like to set up so that I can stream on the go and I hope to be back to streaming again in November.

Later potaters!

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